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Sep 18, 2020

Its not a priority if its not a practice.

The one thing that has become crystal clear to me in 2020 is that if I dont have a practice around something that I say I want to accomplish, then it really isnt a priority. Its a just that would be nice.”

One of the core pillars supporting that bridge to Legendary status is RESPONSIBILITY.

As the HBIC (Head Broad in Charge), I have to take responsibility for failure to meet the goals I have scribbled down in scattered notebooks and spreadsheets.

If these goals were really priorities for me, I would have built a practice around how I would reach them.

This isnt new information. As a kid, when I wanted to make more free throws, I spent time practicing shooting free throws. I had a ritual that I followed every time I stepped to the line. I still do it. BackSpin the ball. 3 bounces. Line it up. Shoot. Follow Through. 

You already know what practice looks like. Now its time to take action to achieve the priorities that really matter to you.

My process for creating practices around priorities:

1. Determine if the WHY matters enough that I will show up and put in the necessary work.

2. Outline your practice and keep it consistent.

3. Block Time on your calendar

I started a morning routine after reading Hal Elrods book The Miracle Morning a few years ago.

I always felt better when I did it, but I was inconsistent in the practice.

I got serious about committing to practicing my morning routine back in March. It was the ONE THING I could do that felt like I had some control over what was happening in a world filled with uncertainty.

The Practices in My Morning Routine

1. Work out hard for 20 minutes

2. Journal

3. Meditate

4. Work on my business and not in” my business.

Each practice has a very clear WHY attached to it.

My morning routine practice is sacred. Nothing else happens in my morning until my morning routine is completed.

Ive accomplished more in my business, during a global pandemic, because I have committed to this morning routine practice.

Now it's your turn. I want to hear from you. What practice has changed your life or business? Do you have a morning routine that sets the tone for success?

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