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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Dec 23, 2014

Bree Noble, founder of Women of Substance Radio dishes about how she’s used her email list, social media, and podcasting to grow her audience. She also talks about future plans for using her own touring experiences to help musicians navigate a niche market. 


The Deep Dish

  •          Building email list over the years has helped grow her audience  and kept her in contact with artists that have previously appeared on the show
  •        Using power of social media and tagging artists so posts are shared
  •        Artists need to submit radio ready songs
  •        Using the podcast to highlight the indie artists
  •        Podcast creates additional artist exposure and sponsorship opportunities
  •      The value of a mastermind group
  •        Efficiency tips - Task Batching 
  • Using Social Oomph and Google canned responses

Links & Resources

Women of Substance Radio 

Social Oomph

Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison

Songwriting Without Boundaries by Pat Pattison

Coursera Songwriting Class


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