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Nov 25, 2014

Bianca Russelburg, audio engineer and founder of Resonate, talks about their mobile recording project, Resonate, and why it’s important for the musicians and audience that more LGBT voices be heard in the music world. They also shares the story of how a track from their senior thesis project landed next to The White Stripes on the upcoming Tegan and Sara So Jealous X release.

 The Deep Dish:

  • How growing up gay in a small Indiana town and searching for a music and LGBT community influenced the Resonate project
  •        The experience of creating a Kickstarter for Resonate
  •        Challenges in turning current day hits into Motown classics for her Reflections on Motown project
  •        Reclaiming songs you associate with a bad experience and creating a new experience around them

How she landed next to The White Stripes on the Tegan and Sara So Jealous X project

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