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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Jan 4, 2021

Who am I to lead? How do you step into your purpose when feeling unworthy or that your purpose is out of alignment with your current job or career path?

Amber Fields is the Director of Corporate Sales for a tech company, and she is currently getting her Masters in Theology. Amber is also the co-host of The Truth Revival Podcast.

We get into some in-depth discussion around how our feelings of unworthiness prevent us from leading, why your story matters and you need to share it, and where she sees the opportunity for technology and faith to come together to serve the world.

Moments of Brassy Brilliance

[6:12] Appreciating the Discovery Period of your life

[9:09] Recognizing the opportunity to incorporate your purpose     into your current profession (even when they don't feel aligned)

[22:38] Where Amber goes for advice

[34:01] Amber’s daily practices for keeping her cup full

[39:36] How the world shifts when you know you’re enough

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