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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Aug 12, 2017

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Why Do We Struggle with Investing in Ourselves?

I feel like I’ve been bleeding money this summer

I’m at that place in my business where I know that if I’m going to grow, and create the life and the business I envision, I’ve got to start investing in myself.

Let me be real honest here for a sec, it scares the sh*t outta me.  I haven’t made this kind of investment in equipment and self development since I left my corporate day job behind to start my own business. 

The hardest investment trigger to pull was the investment in myself. Why is that so hard? I don’t think I’m the only one that struggles with this. Can I get an Amen? You can tweet it to me @brassybroadjen.


What Happened When I Invested in Myself


Joining the E-League was definitely the best investment I made this year. This was investing in myself because I want to take my podcasting to the next level.

The E-League was started by Elsie Escobar.

The E-league included an intense one on one Come to Jesus or in this case Come to Elsie coaching session.

I identified some areas I specifically wanted help with in improving, and the she expanded upon those. It wasn’t generic stuff. It was a a deep dive with specifics on what I could improve. That alone was worth the price of admission.


A Community of #WorldClassPodcasters

But wait….there’s more……

The bonus gift in all of this was the community that has developed with the other women that also joined the E-League. 

I now have a community of World Class Podcaster friends scattered around the world!

These women are my go to when I want to try out some crazy new idea, get feedback, or maybe just vent a little about my latest podcasting frustration.

These are women that are creating and doing the work every day.  They are my people.

My willingness to invest in myself led me to this community. If you’re thinking about investing in some kind of self development, do it. Give yourself every opportunity to get yourself to the next level.

Invest in yourself. You’re worth it.


In My Ears


In my ears this week has been the latest installment of Hardcore History from Dan Carlin. It’s a commitment. This episode is coming in at about 6 hours. Dan Carlin has the ability to suck me into historical events that I didn’t even know existed, and that I was interested in learning about. This dude has a gift for sharing history and keeping me tuned in.