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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Apr 21, 2017

Jenn Lisak, Founder of Sapphire Strategy, joins me for a conversation around leveraging language, networks, and content to grow your business.


The Power of Language


  • Being intentional about the language you use to attract clients
  • Avoiding apologetic language to justify your pricing
  • Using numbers and data to support your proposals
  • Creating conversion paths on your website



Creating the Right Content for Your Audience

  • Marketing trends come and go
  • Know your audience
  • 65% of people are visual learners
  • 30% are audio learners
  • 5% are kinesthetic learners
  • Your website creates people's perception of your business


Creating a Solid Network 

  • The importance of building your referral networks
  • Getting involved with NAWBO and Pass the Torch for Women
  • Asking for advice from experienced members of your network
  • Mentoring and paying it forward


Links and Resources 

Sapphire Strategy


Pass the Torch for Women