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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Feb 17, 2015

Madalyn Sklar, business coach, social media strategist, and fearless leader of GoGirls Music dishes on how to get the most out of attending music industry conferences like SXSW.

Show Notes:

  • How SXSW has changed since it started
  • Why you need to have a plan in place before you go
  • Establish goals and what you want out of the experience
  • Using twitter to connect with industry movers & shakers before the conference
  • Strategy for networking at the event
  • What to include in your conference networking kit
  • Ask contacts how they would like to receive your music
  • Special Tip – Why you need to take pictures
  • Make notes about your conversation on your contact’s business card
  • Why you need to tag people when sharing pictures on social media
  • Don’t make these conference newbie mistakes!
  • Why Madalyn loves the Dewey Beach Music Conference
  • Check out Madalyn’s “Twitter Smarter” online training course

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