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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Jan 20, 2015

Jeni Paulson, owner of Copycat Music Licensing, a music licensing service for music publishers, composers and songwriters, dishes on the world of music licensing, lessons learned from a great mentor, and the necessity of building relationships for success in the music industry.

The Dish:

  • Jeni talks about the ever evolving world of music licensing and how she keeps ups with it
  • What she learned from Jim Slutz, her college advisor and mentor, and how it has impacted her career
  • How she recovered from a devastating job loss
  • How her superpowers of attention to detail and a good memory benefit her in the world of music licensing
  • The value of learning “the history of things”
  • Her first experience at MIDEM and what she got out of it
  • Why you need to build relationships if you want to be successful in the music business
  • Networking strategies for industry events
  • How NOT to pitch your music
  • Internet streaming and music licensing

Links & Resources:

Coypcat Music Licensing LLC

Indiana State Music Business Program 



Harry Fox Agency


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