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The Brassy Broadcast podcast is an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate. 

Apr 7, 2015

In this episode, I talk with Barb Chirgwin, founder of the School of Music in Indianapolis.  The School of Music was founded in 1998 when Barb returned to private piano instruction.  After continuing to receive requests for instruction that she could not fill, she decided to gather a group of teachers that may be in need of students.  Barb quickly built a business that created a win for parents, students, and teachers. 


 Show Notes:

  • How different teachers can have different pedagogic styles and still be successful
  • The delicate task of managing expectations of parents through discover
  • How communication can play a role in the success of the student
  • How to overcome the challenge of growing the business through teachers and students
  • Why it’s important to take responsibility for finding the best fit between teachers and students
  • How to determine the best age to start a child in music lessons
  • Why different instruments can have a different optimal age of starting
  • Why having fun isn’t the highest goal for a music lesson
  • Determining if your child should be asking  for lessons before signing them up
  • The most important lesson that Barb has learned and what she does to ensure a good outcome
  • What makes a great music teacher
  • The dangers of stereo-typing the type of music  teacher you want for your child
  • Why a parent would choose a young music teacher over an older one
  • An important factor within a music student that will change over time
  • Different considerations between private and group lessons
  • The instrument that naturally lends itself to private instruction and why you may shy away from group lessons on this instrument
  • Non-traditional venues that are filling the gap in music education left by the public schools
  • Find out Barb’s superpower and how it helps her excel
  • The advantages of giving lessons in a student’s home
  • The life changing event that caused Barb to re-evaluate her life and business priorities
  • The tool Barb has found most helpful in her business    


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